Many eyes are on the AIM as it is transforming how languages are taught.
Research published in 2019 in the Netherlands show that AIM students outperform other students in ALL language skills.
In 2023, AIM students at Cygnus Gymnasium in Netherlands achieved the 100th percentile,
and were rated Best French Classes in the country!

What They're Saying About AIM

Research and Articles

The following are research studies supporting AIM and are available for download:

  • AIM Article - Winner Best Article of 2022 by Audrey Rousse Malpat Download
  • Wim's Research (Ph.D.) "From ‘learning to use’ towards ‘using to learn’?" by Wim Gombert Download
  • Pauline Vis AIM Article 2020, by Pauline Vis Download
  • Why AIM Works: Supporting Research Studies, by Wendy Maxwell Download
  • AIM and Montessori, by Wendy Maxwell Download
  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Accelerative Integrated Method, by Wendy Maxwell Download
  • Actions Speak Louder than Words, by Shelley Forsythe Download
  • The Accelerative Integrated Method: A Descriptive Case Study, by Stephanie Arnott Download
  • The Accelerative Integrated Method: A Holistic Approach to the Teaching of French as a Second Language, by Wendy Maxwell Download
  • Teaching FSL with AIM, by Brandon Carroll Download
  • AIM in High School French Classrooms, by Audrey Rousse-Malpat, Marjolijn Verspoor and Saskia Visser Download
  • Innovation in French as a Second Language Teaching at the Elementary Level: An Exploratory Investigation, by Mardi Michels Download
  • Effectiveness of explicit vs. implicit L2 instruction, by Audrey Louise Marie-Jeanne Rousse-Malpat Download

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